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White Dragon's Imagination Box

29 October
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  • whytdragon1983
I am a 20 year old female, who enjoys keeping fish. I live in Iowa (yes I know, I'm sorry too!) And am an avid gamer, and dragon lover.

Throughout my life I've collected dragons, and gone on many journeys of the spiritual kind. Through that I discovered pagan religions and finally onto my religion, Draconic. I worship dragons as higher beings (laugh all you like if you can't accept that you can't face the world). There are VERY few of us, because it is not set in stone, we follow alot of other pagan activities such as the Sabbaths and what not, so it's hard to define us strictly (I sound mental don't I? :))

I am going to college now to become a concept artist for someone hopefully :) You can call me an artist, but I certainly don't :P
I enjoy Roller Coasters and hope to ride all the great ones some time ;) I like having fun and takign things easy, I can be serious and friends look to me as a listener and a person able to stand on the line and tell them things from both sides.

I am neither Democrat nor Republican... I hate them both equally ;) I'm not anything, I vote for the person I like best! I usually meet the candidates and ask them what I consider important and base my enjoyment for them on that. I despise politics and hope one day it all crumbles in on itself (whoopsies! Too late)

I like nature, NOT bugs (blech) and enjoy making things with my hands.

I adore the Japanese culture (not just anime) and learn all I can about it and can't remember a lick of knowledge from my 4 years of learning the language ;) Other than how to swear... I can do that pretty well!

I currently have the following companions:
Edo - Tiger Oscar
Kaji - Fire Mouth Cichlid
Chiisai - Apple Snail
Mamoru - Betta